UHL DOMINIK | Environmental and Effects Artist


About me


I am a creative, motivated and passionate 3D Artist. My specialty is modeling, sculpting and texturing as well as creating effects. I mainly focus on creating environment art, smaller assets and creatures. I just love to create environments and mimic nature as well as creating worlds and game levels in a fantasy setting, regardless of a naturalistic or stylized art style. Additionally I am very interesed in the field of level design and try to achieve levels which support the overall feeling of the game world as well as guiding the player in a subconscious way.

I am currently doing the masters course MultiMediaArt at the Universtiy of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria with 3D as my specialty while working on a 3rd-person exploration art game as a master project. I started to learn 3D by myself in 2010 with 3DS Max and trying to improve my skills everyday.

I am primarily interested in creating games and animation movies and for me the greatest moment in 3D is when you start working on an idea and bring it to life.

Program knowledge:
advanced: Maya, ZBrush, Unity, Photoshop, WorldMachine, XNormal
basic: Unreal Engine, Substance Designer, Bitmap2Material, Nuke, Mudbox, Realflow, Vue, SpeedTree, 3DS Max, Crazybump, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, InDesign

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